Dubai Moving Image Museum

October 16, 2012 — 1 Comment

Catching the light, the Dubai Moving Image Museum

Thousands of years ago man was already attempting to recreate movement through his art on the walls of caves, the Greeks had a basic understanding of optics and the Chinese experimented with shadows.

The museum will take you on a journey through the ages showing the development of visual entertainment all the way to the birth of the cinema.

30 years ago Akram Miknas bought his first optical toy, a Kinora, and this was the start of a collection covering 200 years and more of what we know as optical toys or precinema.


Having built a collection of too many objects to count Akram Miknas decided that the time had come to open a Museum and so in May he persuaded me to visit him and have a look at what he had, was there enough for a museum? Well I tell you there was enough for several museums…

His next question was did I want to help him realise this dream? This was an offer to be involved in the most exciting project I have ever been involved in, what could I say? Wow yes!!

Deadline December 2012… and incredibly thanks to his enthusiasm and energy we are getting there!

I will not go through all we had to do but I will update you regularly on our progress, I am off to Dubai on Thursday and I will post from there next.

One response to Dubai Moving Image Museum


    Very Impressive, my best wishes for the Museum’s success.

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