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November 21, 2012 — 1 Comment

The cabinets have been assembled and spray painted, I am now back in London and unfortunately I could not take any pictures before leaving Dubai as the cabinets where in the middle of the rooms and partly covered in plastic sheeting to protect the white interior whilst the colour were applied.

Next step will be fitting all the glass which is being manufactured right now.

I am going back to Dubai on the 30th of November when the lighting will be fitted and the collection put in place.

Hafez the incredible building project manager is supervising the move of 400 people to MCN Hive this week and yet he will be finding the time to keep an eye on the fitting out of the Museum: Final paint coat to the ceiling, final resin coat to the floor etc.

latest News:

Almost all the collection is now in Dubai waiting for my return and Enas Abusidu has been appointed Museum manager, she is starting work on the 1st of December.

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    I just discovered this project. What a great initiative. Finaly a new museum. Here in Belgium there seems to be no place for a moving image museum, although we have some great collections (mostly stocked away in depots). Maybe one day I’ll visit the museum.
    Good luck with the opening

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